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200 Amp Panel and Service upgrade in Shelby, NC
200 amp panel and service upgrade

Upgraded an old 100 amp service with an indoor fuse box to a new 200 amp service with a 200 amp main breaker panel inside.

Tiny Home Shed Rewire in Ellenboro NC

I got to work with a customer on a shed they had bought used and are converting into a tiny home. I finished running the wiring they needed for their new tiny home adventure. I ran wiring for outlets, lights, a water heater, washer, dryer, stove and mini split units.

Tiny home shed rewire
Tiny Home shed rewire finished
New 200 amp service for 14×24 shed in Boiling Springs NC
200 Amp service for a 14×28 shed in Boiling Springs NC

I installed a new 200 amp service on a 14×24 shed in Boiling Springs NC. I ran wire to a 100 amp existing panel to power the building that was prewired.

Picnic Shelter lighting at Prospect Baptist Church

I installed 6 high bay led lights and 4 led flood lights at Prospect Baptist Churches picnic shelter.

Picnic Shelter High Bay LED lights and LED flood lights
200 Amp Service upgrade in Rutherfordton NC

I sent a day upgrading an old 100 amp service to a new 200 amp service with a new 200 amp panel at a home in Rutherfordton NC.

Replaced 100 Amp Service with a 200 Amp Service
Replaced old 100 Amp Panel with a New 200 Amp Panel

I am happy to be your Rutherfordton NC Electrician and am ready to help solve your electrical needs.

New 200 AMP Service and Meter Combo in Mooresboro NC

I have been working on a residential whole home rewire to replace old cloth romex and outlets with new wire and devices. This house needed a new 200 amp service and panel.

Metal Building/Barn with a 200 Amp service in Shelby NC

I spent this past week adding a 200 Amp service with a 100 amp sub panel for a customer in the Paterson Springs/Shelby, NC area. She needed power for a water heater, dryer, washing machine, mini fridge, lights and fans in her new metal building she is using for a barn with two side rooms.

I am happy to be your Shelby NC electrician and solve your electrical needs.

Added a dedicated 20 amp GFCI for a sump pump in Dallas, NC

Added a 20 amp GFCI on a dedicated 20 amp breaker for a customer to add a sump pump under their home in Dallas NC. Do you need a dedicated circuit for a pump or dehumidifier? Maybe a dedicated outlet for an AC as summer approaches. Contact us today to schedule a service call or get a free estimate for an electrician to come to your house. Call 828-289-6216 or email us.

Added 20 Amp dedicated GFCI Circuits in Gastonia, NC

We added two dedicated 20 amp circuits with GFCIs in a crawl space for a customer in Gastonia, NC. This will be used to run a pump and a dehumidifier to keep under their house dry.

Added a dedicated GFCI in crawl space in Shelby NC

Added a dedicated 20 amp GFCI in a crawl space for a customer in Shelby NC to help keep their crawl space dry and free of mold. Let us add a dedicated GFCI to your basement or crawl space.

Dedicated 20 amp breaker for a crawl space gfci for a dehumidifier.