Gary Scruggs Electric, LLC
Added a dedicated 20 amp GFCI for a sump pump in Dallas, NC

Added a 20 amp GFCI on a dedicated 20 amp breaker for a customer to add a sump pump under their home in Dallas NC. Do you need a dedicated circuit for a pump or dehumidifier? Maybe a dedicated outlet for an AC as summer approaches. Contact us today to schedule a service call or get a free estimate for an electrician to come to your house. Call 828-289-6216 or email us.

Added a dedicated GFCI in crawl space in Shelby NC

Added a dedicated 20 amp GFCI in a crawl space for a customer in Shelby NC to help keep their crawl space dry and free of mold. Let us add a dedicated GFCI to your basement or crawl space.

Dedicated 20 amp breaker for a crawl space gfci for a dehumidifier.